The Song of the Body – Scaravelli Yoga

“There is a way of doing yoga poses that we call “asana,” without the slightest effort. Movement is the song of the body. Yes the body has it’s own song from which the movement of dancing arises spontaneously. In other words, the liberation of the upper part of the body (the head, neck, arms, shoulders, and trunk) produced by the acceptance of gravity in the lower part of the body (legs, feet, knees, and hips) is the origin of lightness, and dancing is its expression. This song, if you care to listen to it, is beauty. We could say that it is part of nature. We sing when we are happy and the body goes with it like waves in the sea.”

Jonathan uses a relaxed yet professional style, combined with a sense of fun and friendliness, to bring out the best in both beginner and advanced students alike. He encourages students to notice what is actually going on in each asana and the flow of the breath, rather than imposing what we want upon the body and adding even more tension.
Taking our time with each asana and being present in the moment. His workshops explore creativity in an open and joyful manner.

He uses his passion for Music and the Voice as an instrument, in which the workshops explore the Yoga of Sound (Nāda yoga).

He incorporate a number of different styles into the sessions (including Flowing and Dynamic forms of yoga) often tailoring the classes to suit the participants.

The yoga of sound and of course, silence, uses sounds, rhythms and tones to help guide us quickly inward, allowing us to pay closer attention to what is actually going on, rather than what we try to impose on our body.

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