Yoga waves was inspired to help people get in touch with the yoga of sound and of course, silence. Feel energized and soothed when you let your body and mind flow like water, always seeking the path of ease.

Sounds, rhythms and tones can help guide us quickly inward, allowing us to pay closer attention to what is actually going on, rather than what we try to impose on our body. This helps the body to relax and feel safe as we practice.

We relax and open more, right from the start of our practice.

South of France – Holiday Retreat

The Wave

Visualizing and listening to our breath as a wave, creates the constant, smooth and soothing sound that stills the mind. There is a subtle power that comes from these qualities, helping us focus on the quality of action and awareness rather than quantity.

Rather than impose new patterns of force, hardness and tension on old, we must work the other way: layer by layer, stripping away the armour that we have collected throughout our lives.

Once we have patiently worked into each of the individual areas of resistance and released and integrated the asana or posture we move into the next stage, which is more passive, nourishing and integrative. The second stage is more opening, revealing, harmonizing and releasing and brings us more fully to ourselves.

Be careful not to practice with force, determination, anxiety or desperation.

The key is our attitude and intension.

We need safety, subtlety, softness and sensitivity as well as continuity, concentration and internalization.

South of France – Holiday Retreat

Accessing the deeper muscles, you will get benefits that are more than skin deep. You don’t want to tighten the core by doing crunches you need to tame and lengthen a tight psoas muscle. One of the largest muscles in the body, the psoas is attached from the lumbar spine to the femur (inner thigh).

Steady As A Rock: I can live in the moment when I look at water. I love the calmness of it and also when it’s constantly moving.
I love the sound of it lapping against the shore. I feel still inside and steady like a rock.