Whilst running my Sound Healing workshop here in Dahab, Egypt, I met Barbara Gordon of Sunra Yoga Following a lengthy conversation, we decided to share our wisdom and do a little work together.

Shortly after a visit to her beautiful premises at the Bedouin Moon Hotel I began to run Freedom to Dance sessions there and, as with the Law of Attraction, more began to unfold. New doors are opening and I was honoured and delighted to work with Barbara on her recent Yoga Teacher Training Course out at Nuweiba.

I led the Satsangs and Meditations in the mornings and then led some pranayama and shabda yoga workshops in the afternoon.

I love helping people build their confidence and pushing past any doubts they may be holding about teaching yoga. It was great to focus again on the details I went through with my own teacher training back in 2002. It’s very rewarding sharing your insights with people and I wish to thank Barbara and everyone for placing their trust in me.

For more information on my workshops and teaching in Dahab, or for information on yoga holidays, please contact me via the contact page.