The Present Has The Power.

Moving from the Old Paradigm into the New.
Welcome to Mindfulness, a Self Development modular program.
The musical journeys of Mr. Split are used to help children in an
Awakening Program that is broken down into modules to suit indivdual
needs. Developing social and emotional skills through puppetry.
Helping you find calm in a crazy world.

THE BASIC – Discover exactly what mindfulness is , the science behind it
and how it can help you.

MOVING INTO MINDFULNESS – Learn how to slow down your life and
remove distractions.

MINDFUL MEDITATION – Discover how you can change your brain for
the better with meditation techniques and how you can spread the
power of happiness.

EVERDAY MINDFULNESS – How to apply these skills to everyday life,
commuting, at work, and creating a harmonious family life.

MOVING MEDITATION – Learn how to keep the mind focused whilst on
the move or exercising

MINDFUL THERAPY – Discover how bringing more play and laughter
into your life can boost your health and how being creative could also
be your route to happiness.

Mr. Split helps you find Yourself !

I’m a fully qualified yoga and meditation teacher, working from 2002 running
workshops and retreats. I now like to combine my creative background of music,
singing, theatre and comedy into developing my Mindfulness programs.
As children learn self regulation and build their self respect, it helps them relate to
others in a more productive and meaningful way and their focus and concentration


My playful style explores the power of the present moment, remaining authentic.
This approach focuses on reducing stress and anxiety and increasing emotional

health and wellbeing.

I reside and run my events in both London and Malta.