If you want change within your life
To ease away the friction
Make a list of your beliefs
And find the contradictions


For when you find what you believe
You find the reason why
It’s a very strong belief
But don’t sit down and cry


Don’t give your power to the past
And say what’s wrong with me
To focus on the bad you see
Repeats the history


Just close your eyes to time and space
And use imagination
Replacing all the old beliefs
With ones of new creation


And know that when you give of time
To change what you believe
You change the future and the past
And all that you perceive


Reality will change you see
And faster by the hour
For now you know along the way
The Present Has The Power


by Jonathan Orchard (1996)




This poem won a prize at the spiritual music festival in LA, and has also been made into a song.