Oh, Hello, I’m the mask that wore the man,

Ever changing and pleasing who I can,

Sometimes you’ll forget you’ve got me on,

The impressions that you make, they will grow strong

With me firm in place you’ll feel protected,

Then the feeling you “don’t-want” can be projected,

But remember that the mirror never lies,

And through the mask we see into the eyes

Now it’s true we learnt to wear a mask from young,

When we’re seen as oh so cute and oh such fun,

But it’s layer upon layer then we add,

Until we’re lost beneath the masks and fear we’re mad

So take one off and show us who you are;

Take one off before you go too far;

I hope you find this part just as appealing,

We’re now to play the game, it’s called revealing

Oh, Hello, I’m the mask that wore the man.


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