A twenty eight day Mindfulness program to cultivate

a Mindful Lifestyle
How to find Calm in a Crazy World !!

We live in a time of a social awakening. Our eco systems are falling apart and the
world needs our actions. When we get taken away from our experiences, we split
off and we get into the abstract.
The Body is an access point, the human mechanism, the necessary instrument.
Yoga helps us find a balance between the inner and outer dynamic. Done
mindfully, yoga side steps spiritual theosophy while at the same time helping us
fall more deeply in love with the muscles of our body and the way the respiratory
diaphragm moves as we breath. It settles our mind and gives us a more intimate
connection with our moment to moment physical experience.

The Basics

Introduction to Mindfulness
How Mindful Are You?
The Key To Mindfulness
New Mind New You
Mindful Benefits
Moving Into Mindfulness

Just Be
Slow Down
Be Focused, Get Happy

Mindfulness Breathing
The Power of Journaling
Get Back To Nature
Move into Mindfulness
Master Meditation
What Is Meditation
Let Get Started
Prepare to Practice
Body Scan Meditation
Engage Your Senses
Meditation Exercises
Musical Healing
Everyday Mindfulness
On The Move
Work It Out
And Breathe
Be a Mindful Eater
Mindfulness for Kids
Press Pause
Moving Meditation
Move Your Mind
Walk Into Wisdom
On the Run
Flex Your Mind

Stretch and Sooth – Yoga
Mindful Therapy
Self Compassion
Dream On
Have A Laugh
Play Time
Get Crafty
Create A Vision Board
Be Grateful
Feed Your Soul
Apply your Skills
Mindfulness on the Move
Heal Yourself