Nile Cruise (Luxor to Aswan), Egypt – November 2012

The Inner Temple

Join us for a compelling eight day journey into the inner worlds of awareness. Enter into a deeply transformative process born from the depths of the Egyptian Mysteries.  Our focus will be the Seven Seals or chakras and the vast universe that exists within each of them. By exploring these energy vortices within your own subtle energy body, known as the Ka by the ancient Egyptians, you will activate and free life-enhancing energies.

From an esoteric and mythic standpoint, the sacred pathway of the chakras is sometimes referred to as the Inner Nile. This is due to the fact that subtle energies continually move through this pathway, metaphorically, like the waters of a river or a stream.

The classical neters of ancient Egypt are often associated with the pantheon of gods and goddess as expressions of fundamental forces of consciousness. On this journey we will be working with the flow of subtle energy from these archetypal beings.

Other systems of alchemy or energy-based transformation recognize similar life-enhancing subtle energies, but call them by different names. Yogis use the word prana, while Taosits use the term chi.  These three (neter, prana and chi) are quite similar in many regards though the methods for working them in meditation are quite different.

We will be focusing on prana.

By entering deep meditative states through the use of sound, you can effect the flow and quality of the neters within your own Ka. This refinement of subtle energy is the source, the stream from which positive life change occurs during this journey.

This Egyptian spiritual Journey has been organised to coincide with the Summer Solstice, where we will celebrate the solstice in the awesome Karnak Temple in Luxor, Egypt.

Our journey will be led by Jonathan Orchard, assisted by Hazel Brown

Jonathan’s vision to run yoga holidays was in order to help people recognise that the innermost awareness and space inside each and every one of us is accessible, it has just been lost in the external noise. It is for this reason that his holidays are located in beautiful and natural locations, with water close by. He uses poetry and song to help people review their beliefs and choices in life and helps them to reintegrate what they experienced on the holiday off the mat and into the world.

Jonathan says “We come on Retreat in order to Advance”.

 “Do you not know that Egypt is a copy of heaven or rather, the very place on earth where the forces of heaven are balanced and ordered? Even more than that, if truth be told, Egypt is the temple of the entire world” Egyptian Scribe

Our journey will begin in Luxor and we will spend the next week sailing serenely south on the River Nile to Aswan, stopping at many of the sacred sites en route.

We will explore the rule of Ma’at (balance in all things), working with yoga, meditation, sound, and the sacred energies of Egypt, and we will be combining our temple visits with workshops on board our private dahabiya (a traditional twin masted sailing boat)

Our home for the week will be on board our own private dahabiya, where we will have many opportunities to join in workshops and meditations or just find a quiet place to enjoy the serenity of the River Nile.  All meals and soft drinks will be served on board, or on the banks of the river when we moor in the evening.  Imagine yourself round a camp fire on the banks of the Nile with the Speos temple of Horemheb just a few metres away.

During the latter half of the 19th century, members of the European aristocracy and other sophisticated travellers would cruise the Nile in the comfort of their stylish, private ‘Dahabiya’s’; these were beautifully crafted wooden ships with from four to ten cabins and came complete with a host of servants. They rented the boats for several weeks at a time and made their way from temple to temple enjoying the views of the Nile and the cool river breezes. Dahabiya’s were popular amongst those who wished to enjoy Egypt at a leisurely pace, to drink in the unique and timeless Egyptian landscapes, and enjoy the sights of the monuments and villages on the banks of the river – these are the classic views of Egypt, experienced by so many ancient and modern travellers. Travelling by Dahabiya is a unique, peaceful and relaxing experience and gives us the opportunity to really understand what our journey is about.


Meditations, yoga, music and laughter will be our goals for the week, along with the opportunity to find your own inner peace in this magical land.

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