I have always enjoyed music and singing, with many different styles to explore.

Now helping people who want to explore and enjoy chanting in yoga has has become something that is so rewarding.

As we become more aware of the tones we use in both our speaking and singing voice our  yoga journey can go deeper. It’s about the art of listening to the body.

I currently have a regular spot singing  at The Red Cat (a Russian Restaurant here in Dahab, Egypt) .

The Present has the Power

This is a poem I wrote back in 1996 that eventually went on to become a dance track used at motivational seminars and places I gave talks. It was remixed by Matt Coldrick, and this fun video was edited by Kurt Gallant, whilst I was living in Mount Shasta.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQ8LhAiUuL0]

In 2004 while based at Mount Shasta, North California (a popular destination for curious people from all over the world), I did some performances of The Present Has The Power before heading down to LA and becoming involved in working with actors and a film project. Here I performed at The Pacific Design Centre in West Hollywood, after submitting the song to the music section of The Hollywood Spiritual Film and Entertainment Festival I went on to win best performer and later I was interviewed and performed the song again on Tory Jay Berger’s TV chat show.

Jonah & the Wail

My earlier music days include singing in the band Jonah & the Wail This fun video Lycanthrope was filmed  in my home town Bath in 1986. For our other tunes, check out our MySpace page or type Jonah and the Wail into Youtube.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PI6q_LtivXw]

Jonah The One Man Show

In September 2011 I performed a Jonah The One Man Show at the Marlborough Theatre in Brighton.

I’m currently rehearing to  perform it again; this time at Shams Hotel here in Dahab.