I met an Antique Dealer, from whom I bought this Game, It-was somewhere up in Rajasthan, but don’t ask me his Name. 

You roll the dice and move around on arrows and on snakes, It’s quite the gamble and it seems, to always raise the stakes. 

To remember and identify, with that which is your source.  The game’s a microcosm, of a larger one of course. 

You must enjoy the ups and downs and changes in vibration, Or “it” starts playing with your mind and causes some frustration. 

The numbers on the board go all the way to-seventy two, Where a scary snake-head, waits to swallow you! 

So listen out for anything that might sound like a hiss.  And try to land on 68, the square of cosmic bliss. 

The Rules of Play  

Existence is a game, the game is to complete the cycle from 1 to 9  of Indian Numerology.  

Numbers count and give an account of the countless idea-forces  working through consciousness and the phenomenal world. The  whole is zero, non-being.  

To recognise your present state and the patterns through which  you are moving.  

To study scriptures and self at the same time. Subtle life-forces in  gross manifestation.  

The game ends when the player becomes himself, the essence of  play.

Using the three Gunas  

to balance and understand the mind