My Philosophy

To Retreat

My retreat is the island of Gozo.

I began my yoga journey by training with Sivananda Yoga in 2002 and I have enjoyed running yoga retreats ever since.

Beginners are most welcome.

The first retreats I led were in France and Spain; continued on to Dahab in Egypt, as I had a passion for ancient wisdom. Then Dalyan in Turkey, Corfu and Samos in Greece and more recently Puglia in Italy.

A yoga retreat for me is about helping ourselves know how to return to that deeply relaxed feeling.  To feel open to connect with others in beautiful surroundings and in a more authentic way than in fast paced modern life.

It’s also about creating time to connect¬†deeply again with our own body and it’s connection with nature.

To do this retreats give participants time to slow down and notice the natural world around them. Helping ground the yoga practice and giving time to reflect on their life and any habits they may wish to drop.

I’ve always enjoyed helping beginners navigate their way into yoga practice, gently moving at their own pace, feeling safe and relaxed on the retreat.

Retreats also provide a space to challenge ourselves while supported and offer a great place to make a new friend who’s choosing a healthy lifestyle.

As the teacher I enjoy helping create a sense of relaxed friendliness that allows our body to open easily bringing out a lightness in beginners or advanced.

Focus on slowing down and the quality of each breathe gives us time to enter and leave postures carefully and notice the deep stillness we seek.


Being grounded in our yoga approach helps us return to an understanding of movement and spontaneity that is inherent in the body.

Being present to how we feel is really what yoga is about.

Yoga retreats give us time to explore our creativity in a safe, open and joyful way.

Come on retreat to advance!