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Welcome to my Mediteranean yoga retreats.

Upcoming retreats:

Yoga Holiday in Sicily

A Little About Gozo

Gozo boasts some of the oldest freestanding stone buildings in the world, the Ggantija temples dating back to 3,600 BC. The small island is easy to get around and welcoming all year round with a mild climate. Our yoga retreats run through April, May, June, September and October as the summer months are too hot.

Developed just enough but not too much, Gozo is a masterpiece wrought by nature and shaped by 7,000 years of culture. Gozo’s climate and geography combine to make it an ideal playground for outdoor activities. There is sport on the land and sea for experts and novices alike.

The island is perfect for country walks with stunning views from the tops of small hills.

Also beautiful long walks along the cliff tops whilst watching the sunset at Sannat, is not to be missed.

Gozo’s coastline has  only one glorious sunny beach and but is known for its world class cave and tunnel dives.

Our morning and evening yoga classes will leave you with plenty of time to go off exploring the island, meeting the friendly local people and trying the local cuisine.


Located right at the centre of the Mediterranean, Gozo promises a diverse culture, a dynamic history, friendly people and a peaceful pace.


The island retains peace and tranquility, values lost elsewhere.


The Yoga Retreat


As we focus our awareness on conscious breath and the stillness within, over the seven days, we will blend different yoga-fusions together in order to refine the quality of breathing and expand our individual and the group awareness.

Yoga is about balance and centering and as we blend and shift our energy, we hopefully begin to form an affinity as a group.

With the power and discipline of yoga we can support each other to become even more authentic and sensitive to those qualities we probably all long to share.

Working with a light-hearted approach and the 5 elements we can begin to uncover the deeper patterns that may keep us stuck.

We will explore with music, free movement, visualizations and meditations.

The manual you will receive on arrival will help you to record the changes you will notice as the week progresses. Also it will help you to support your personal practice when you return home.